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As fellow members representing more than 700 newspapers published across New York, we appreciate the networking opportunities provided by New York’s dynamic, growing newspaper industry. To become a member, contact us today.


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Membership Options & Criteria

NYPA offers three membership options: voting (newspaper) membership; non-voting (digital news site only – no print product) or affiliate (vendor) membership. Membership applications are reviewed by the Board of Directors four times annually, in April, June, September, and November.

Voting Membership:

Our voting membership is extended to print newspapers and magazines published in the State of New York. These publications are ordinarily published no less than once per month, printed on paper in an acceptable format, including no less than 25% locally generated news/editorial content. The print publication must also maintain a known office open to the public where business of the publication is transacted during normal business hours. Regular membership entitles the member to one vote and a chain or group of newspapers published from one plant or under one ownership is also entitled to one vote.

Voting Membership Application Form

Non-Voting Membership:
Our non-voting membership is extended to digital-only news sites. Digital-only members must publish an online newspaper regularly and consecutively for two years prior to applying for a membership with the New York Press Association.

The active online newspaper must be published using recognized standards of professional journalism. The content must be revised on a regular basis, not less than once per week. The online newspaper shall bear a fixed title containing date lines.

The active online newspaper must be principally devoted to the dissemination of original local or general news and other editorial content (not less than 50% of total content). Of news/editorial content, a majority shall be local content or locally generated. The publication must maintain a known office open to the public where business of the news site is transacted during normal business hours.

Non-Voting Membership Application Form

Affiliate Membership:
Our affiliate membership is extended to authorized representatives of firms that are interested in providing products or services to newspapers across New York State. Affiliate members are non-voting members.

Affiliate Membership Application Form

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