New York Press Association

The New York Press Association exists to help news media companies across New York State meet the needs of their communities by serving as the most authentic sources of information available.

The mission of the New York Press Association is to promote and encourage higher standards of journalism; to aid and advance the study and teaching of journalism; to encourage and promote a better understanding between the public and the Press; to support and defend the First Amendment, including the free press, realizing that only as long as the press is successful will the other rights, privileges and freedoms of New York's citizens be preserved, and to pursue such goals through its legislative efforts, educational services and promotional  initiatives.

NYPA works to encourage the highest standards of practice in professional journalism by providing ongoing education, training, and networking opportunities. NYPA supports and promotes the financial interests and economic prosperity of member newspapers through its legislative efforts, educational services, and the business operations of the New York Press Service.

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