News media advertising is what we do.

The New York Press Service is owned and operated by the newspapers we represent.

Our membership comprises more than 700 newspapers and their digital websites, which include newspapers, community newspapers, culturally specific newspapers, religious newspapers, and newspaper digital sites.

We work with advertising agencies and clients in all aspects of their print and digital solutions for each individual advertising and marketing campaign, including selling advertising in our member papers.

Whether you need mass marketing or target marketing, NYPS provides the solutions you need for print and digital newspaper advertising.

Simplifying the Media Buying Process.

Creating and implementing powerful advertising campaigns is increasingly complex. The New York Press Service is the trusted authority on newspapers and news websites in New York State, providing customer solutions for statewide, regional, and national advertising campaigns. Whether your target market is based on ethnicity, gender, age, zip code, or any other demographic, our wide-ranging toolkit enables us to develop a plan to reach the audience you need.

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