Libel Insurance & Coverages

Mutual Insurance Company Limited was incorporated in Bermuda in 1961 and, in 1963, began writing libel insurance at the request of freestanding committees of member companies. Today, Mutual Insurance Company’s media liability coverage is available to a broad range of publishers, including those with digital and social media exposures, as well as other companies in the media industry. Mutual Insurance Company has an established reputation for providing superior insurance coverage and claims handling to companies ranging from small local newspapers to internationally recognized publishers.

At Mutual Insurance Company, we pride ourselves on the breadth of coverage that we provide to our insured, as well as our ability to provide bespoke solutions to suit the unique needs and requirements of each individual we insure. Our wording was carefully crafted by an experienced First Amendment counsel and is designed to meet the developing exposures faced by the media industry. We can provide you with aggregated and unaggregated limits of up to $15 million and policies provide cover for the payment of defense costs, settlements, and judgments, including punitive and exemplary damages, appeals bonds, and interest on any judgment of a covered claim. We can also offer professional services and cyber insurance coverage by endorsement for additional premiums.

Mutual Insurance Company understands that the true test of an insurance policy occurs when a claim is reported, and that is why our insured are supported by and partnered with expert claims handlers who have extensive experience in media liability claims. In addition to this, our policy does not include a ‘hammer clause,’ and we do not impose panel counsel or fee caps. Our insured have the freedom to select their own choice of counsel and to manage their own litigation as it develops.

If you’d like further information about our policy or to begin an application, please contact us today or find the application here.

Coverage Highlights

  • Up to $15,000,000 policy limits on an aggregated or unaggregated basis
  • Capacity up to $50,000,000 via an exclusive-access excess facility with preferential rates
  • Claims made or occurrence-based media liability policy wording
  • Worldwide cover
  • Full punitive damages cover
  • No hammer clause
  • No imposed panel counsel or caps on legal fees
  • NY Choice of Law and Bermudian arbitration available
  • Bespoke endorsements available to meet the individual needs of the insured
  • Free unlimited access to Mutual Insurance Company’s quarterly risk management webinars, including archives
  • Mutual Insurance Company’s reinsurance is placed 100% with carriers rated “A” or higher by A.M. Best

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