Digital Advertising Services in NYS

We work with advertising agencies and clients to offer digital marketing services for newspaper websites throughout New York State.

  • Representing more than 500 newspaper websites, including daily, local community, and ethnic digital sites.
  • 15 million+ unique users and growing.
  • Engaged and attentive audiences with high levels of loyalty and trust among readers.

Benefits of Digital Marketing Services

  1. Save on Costs: Hiring an independent digital advertising agency can save your business money compared to hiring in-house talent. You will also save on other related costs by hiring an agency. 
  2. Save on Time: By investing in digital advertising services, you can save time and allow yourself to focus more on running your business. 
  3. Expertise: A digital advertising agency provides you and your business access to experts who are familiar with various tactics to optimize your business' advertising campaigns. 
  4. Access to New Ideas: Digital advertising experts can also provide you with new ideas to help improve your campaigns consistently, keeping you ahead of competitors. 
  5.  Maintain Relevancy: With new ideas and consistent work applied, digital advertising services can help your business maintain relevance in your industry and among your target audience. 

Digital marketing services can include a multitude of strategies, including media placements. A media placement strategy focuses on advertising a product, service, or business through the means of highly-credible articles. These articles help to build authority with your target demographic group. To learn more about media placement, and other advertising strategies, contact us today. 

Engage With Your Target Audience - Start Your Digital Marketing Campaign Today!

At the New York Press Service, we're dedicated to helping you not only reach your target audience, but allow you to engage with them via an optimized campaign. From targeted media placement to custom media planning and buying, our team of professional marketers can help you get the most of your marketing budget. With our digital advertising services and access to premier publishers, we can reach readers throughout New York State and in local markets, such as Albany, Manhattan, Nassau County, and Westchester County, NY.

If you are interested in learning more about our digital marketing and content marketing services or starting your next campaign, please feel free to contact us today!

Custom Targeting
We ensure that your message reaches the right audiences with customized target strategies for each brand campaign.

Campaign Management & Optimizations
We have an operations team that will track and optimize your campaigns daily.

Campaign Reporting and Analysis
All activity is tracked and monitored so we can provide detailed delivery reports, insights, and recommendations for future digital optimizations.

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