April 26th & 27th
Gideon Putnam Resort

Using a New Toolkit

Let’s revisit the things that made us successful in the first place.” In addition to all things related to digital, AI, data, revenue, and audience, we’ll focus on leadership, community engagement, customer service, ethics, and empowering employees. 

 NYPA’s spring conference is always a time for renewal, reenergizing, refocusing, reengineering, and recharging. It’s a time to see what’s new, what’s hot, and what’s not. It’s a time to visit with colleagues and old friends, and to make new friends, take time to talk with vendors (to see the latest and greatest), and to have some fun. What we do is hard work, but nobody said it couldn’t/shouldn’t be fun!

 Join us as we celebrate Better Newspaper Contest award winners, and casino winners - Friday night is Casino Night at the historic Canfield Casino – casino games, dancing, fabulous food and drink in the one-of-a-kind venue with spectacular vaulted ceilings, ornate parlor rooms, Tiffany windows and lots of history.

 Learn the newest tricks of the trade at the fabulous vendor showcase/trade show – more vendors, first-time vendors, more time for vendors. Take advantage of this convenient opportunity to see a demo, compare products, services, and pricing for software, services, commercial printing, and more.

 Focus on your well-being – networking and learning from your colleagues is one of the greatest benefits of getting together. What are other publishers doing, investing in, growing, or letting go of? How can you help one another? What can you learn from one another?

 The spring convention and trade show is a great value – NYPA underwrites the majority of the conference expenses to keep convention registration fees low-priced and affordable for all. Attendees benefit from 64 top-shelf workshops, awards ceremonies, vendor exhibits, a newspaper and magazine exchange, and lots of networking opportunities. You won’t find a better value at a lower price anywhere.

See below for Conference and hotel registration. 

 We can’t wait to see you!

Friday night gala at Canfield Casino

So, who’s speaking?

Damian Radcliffe  -- How is AI changing journalism? And Social media – Moving beyond Twitter/X and Facebook

Liz Huff & Julie Foley --  Monetizing Your First Party Data

Michael Bolden --  Building Back Better: Empowering Local Newsrooms for Resilient Future

Frank Mungeam  --   Practical Innovation for Better Journalism & Stronger Business

Heather Hopp-Bruce  --  Turn Your Newsroom into a Design Powerhouse

David Arkin   --   Grow Your Audience And Branded Content

Benjy Hamm  --  Better Newsroom Leadership and Skeptical Editing

Viktorya Vilk  --  Outsmarting Digital Trolls

Lyle Muller  --  Shaking Up That Story List

Sean McGregory  --  Sports Reporting

Ed Fox   --   Opioid Overdose Prevention Training/NARCAN training

Ryan Young  --  Keeping Sports Coverage Fresh With Social Media and Betting

Richard Brown  --   Audience Retention/Development & Digital Advertising Essentials

Carrie Porter, Emily Roseman & Joseph Lichterman  --  How to Create and Monetize Newsletters

Chris Rutter  --  Cyber Security

Mike Reilley   --   Introduction to AI Tools; Data Journalism

Kevin Rehberg   --  How to Use Audited Information to tell your story to Advertisers

Ryan Dohrn  --   Selling Amidst Economic & Political Uncertainty; Top 10 Critical Sales Questions; Selling Value When the Advertiser is Focused on Price

Dan Ambrose   --    Art of Persuasion and Where is the Money  

Dr. Mario Garia  --  How newsrooms can leverage AI

Kevin Berrier  --   Embracing the Future: AI-Powered Strategies for News Media Advertising & Sales

Sally Herships   --   How to write for the ear or how to interview for podcasts

Robert Young   --  Digital Products and Offerings; Development/Building Data Driven Sales People   

Susan McCullin   --  Best practices for your new prospect Client Needs Analysis meeting; How to Identify and Connect with high potential prospects

Terry Horne   --  Take Back Leadership in Your Community

Penny Riordan  --  Branded Content

Brian Wood  --  Active Shooter Training 

Matthew Watson  --  Short Form Video Storytelling

Jenn Poggi  --  Visual Storytelling

Nina Berman  --  Building Trust and Ethical Standards in Visual Journalism

Alanna Delfino-Kopania  --   Shoot with the Purpose; Beyond the Pitch

Plus Russell Viers,  Committee for Open Government, Libel Hotline and more!           


Randall Rothenberg will be giving the Friday lunch keynote

Click here for a tentative agenda of the sessions. 

Don’t miss this incredible lineup!