NYPA facilitates an editorial cartoon exchange for NYPA member newspapers.

If you’re an editorial cartoonist interested in having your artwork published in newspapers, please e-mail Jill Van Dusen. Cartoonists will be paid $5 every time a cartoon is published, paid once a month.

When editorial cartoons become available for download, they will be posted at the bottom of this page, each with a unique name. The cartoons will be watermarked with the NYPA logo.

All cartoons must be paid for in advance. If you’re interested in publishing one of the cartoons, call Jill Van Dusen at (518) 464-6483 ext. 25. She’ll take your credit card information and then send you the original artwork and the name of the artist. Cartoons may be purchased one at a time ($5), or you may purchase five “cartoon credits” for $25 which you can use now or for future cartoons. You may also elect to have NYPA keep your credit card on file and we’ll charge it each time you request a cartoon.

Newspapers that purchase editorial cartoons have permission to reprint those cartoons on their affiliated websites, with attribution.

Editorial Cartoon Gallery

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