Friday Sessions

Improving Engagement – Gina Chen

Improving Trust – Gina Chen

Copyright Laws for Photo’s – Lizzie Seidlin Bernstein

Reader Revenue & Newsroom Culture – Damon Kiesow

How Print Will Survive – Dan Ambrose

ADA Compliance for Websites – Michelle McGeogh

Improving Color Photo Reproduction (handout) – Kevin Slimp

Ideas to Grow Your Business (handout) – Michael Libbie

Future of Subscription Pricing – Matthew Lulay

Saturday Sessions

Show Me the Money – Todd Handy

The Gas in Your Sales Engine – Todd Handy

Photo 101 –  David Handshuh & Regina McCombs – email me for the presentation

Choosing the Best Photos for the Story – Regina McCombs – email me for the presentation

Think More Entrepreneurially – Jason Feifer (youtube video of similar presentation)

Paywall – Ariel Stulberg

CVC Circulation Update – Tim Bingaman

Vet Your Own Story – Caryn Baird

Sales Managers Balancing Act – Jay Small

Better Client Relationships – Jay Small

Improve Your Design Workflow Using InDesign Scripts (handout) – Kevin Slimp

Becoming an InDesign Hero (handout) – Kevin Slimp

10 Newspaper Production Tips (handout 1) – Kevin Slimp

10 Newspaper Production Tips (handout 2) – Kevin Slimp

7 ways journalists can access academic research for free (handout) – Denise Marie Ordway

11 questions journalists should ask about public opinion polls (handout) – Denise Marie Ordway

13 Questions Journalist Should Ask (handout) – Denise Marie Ordway

Selling Print – Peter Wagner