April 29th – 30th

Gideon Putnam Resort, Saratoga Springs

Speaker Presentations


Mike Blinder  – Stop Overthinking and Just do It!


Val Hoeppner – Journalist’s Guide to Social Media Engagement

Mario Garcia SrStorytelling in the Mobile First Age

Damon Kiesow – Print to Digital – Understanding How Contextual Cues are Different

Irene McKissonCreating an audience persona

Irene McKissonSustainable Business Model

Pam PerryBranding & Social Media

Christopher Sopher – Using Newsletters

Damian RadcliffeMedia Policy Instruments to support local journalism

Patti DiVincenzo – Backgrounding like a boss (email Jill for presentation)

Patti DiVincenzo – Sourcing and building a beat (email Jill for presentation)

Paul Kix – The Storytelling You

Scott Libin – Writing ethically and inclusively

Tim Schmitt – 50 ideas in 50 minutes

Tim Schmitt – The multi-pronged approach to building audience

Rebecca FrankThe Key to Gen Z

Lorena Prime – Time Management

Lauren Greutman – Team up with Influencers to Increase Revenue

Melba NewsomeDiversifying Your Sourcing

Fred BrownEssential Ethics

Tom SilvestriCommunity Form

Haley SwensonChild Care Beat


Charity Huff – No Such Thing as Too Much Digital

Ross McDuffieFinding our way without losing ourselves – transforming print-focused sales organizations into full-service media sales outlet

Ryan Dohrn Re-Igniting the Sales Conversation with Advertisers Amidst a Global Pandemic

Ryan Dohrn Flipping Objections on the Spot

Ryan Dohrn 7 Ways to Not Get Ghosted after a Great Advertising Meeting

Renee TackaMarketing Strategies to Identify and Gain New Customers

Renee TackaSales Strategy in a Multimedia World

Renee TackaAdvertising Design Workshop

Jon MioskyProspecting tips to drive sales

Jon MioskyCarving out your clients’ niche

Al Getler – Hiring the Right Salesperson

Al Getler – Finding untapped revenue sources

Ron Speechley – The Future of Obituaries


Val Hoeppner – What We’re Watching: Video Trends and Tips

Jimmy May – Tips for Better Photography

Darrell Davis – Building Better Ads

Sara Quinn – Captions, Credibility and Trust

Sara Quinn – Alternative Story Forms Tips