NYPA’s Fall Publisher’s Conference 

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Employee Retention Tax Credit – Gretchen Guenther- Collins (video)


Best practices in audience and revenue development – Terry Williams (video)

PowerPoint presentation


Employee Stock Ownership Plans – Bob Tomaka 

PowerPoint Presentation


Community Foundations and the Media – Vince Stehle (video) 


Media and journalism in the digital age:  How to build financial stability- Nicco Mele (video)


Adopting audience-centric business models – Curtis Huber (video)


The benefits of well-structured, independent board governance – Betsie Lind, Rai Archibold and Kathy Murray (video)


The benefits and how to’s of Requestor Status for newspapers – Jeanne Straus 

PowerPoint Presentation




Operating a newspaper company as a cooperative – Richard Lee (video)