Spread your news statewide

Reach millions of New Yorkers with our multi-faceted news release distribution service.
NYPS simplifies the task of getting your message out to New Yorkers. Got deadlines? With immediate media distribution capabilities, NYPS can distribute your press release the same day we receive it. Got budget constraints? NYPS can distribute your press release directly to New York’s newspaper editors, for as little as $125. NYPS also provides distribution to radio and/or television stations. Since NYPS is owned by the newspapers we represent, our news release service is the simplest, most cost-effective way to get your story out.

NYPS’ press release service will:

  • Simplify the task of reaching 15.5 million readers statewide
  • Reach 400 daily and community newspapers — including ethnic and specialty publications
  • Deliver your news release directly to the editorial department of New York’s newspapers
  • Establish credibility of your news release by utilizing a trusted source
  • Enhance your message with photographs and/or graphics

NYPS’ press release service offers a cost-effective way to get your news out.

Contact Jill at the New York Press Service at 518-464-6483 or by email at: jill@nynewspapers.com for more information.