Navigating the New Normal in the Newspaper Business


There’s a new normal in the newspaper business, with emphasis on the word “business.”

There is a growing realization that we’re no longer in the same business we once were, that everything old is new again, and that not all digital dreams come true.  The noise surrounding our industry is deafening, but some constants remain.  Our democracy needs our brand of consistent, reliable, fact-checked local journalism as much it ever did.

Our newspapers need consistent, reliable business models.  Yes, foundation grants and non-profit funding can provide temporary relief, as could tax breaks and other government intervention, but what newspapers really need are sustainable new business models.

So NYPA’s spring conference and trade show will be a call to arms – a call to focus on the new normal in the newspaper business – a how-to for maximizing efficiencies, relationships, revenue, resources, and technology. The conference will feature 64 powerful workshops – workshops that will empower your salespeople and help them navigate a chaotic, deeply fragmented media marketplace.  Revenue building ideas, prospecting, email marketing, coaching, negotiating, and carving out your clients’ niches.

Workshops presenting “atomic” news tools to help reporters and editors to adapt to changes and work faster while improving quality.  Workshops on print and digital design, copyright, libel, desktop and mobile tools, backgrounding, verifying information you find online, sourcing and building a beat, ethics, FOIL, and a toolkit for protecting journalists.

Workshops on cyber security, credit card fraud compliance, Quick Books training, video storytelling, sexual harassment training, photography, and digital publishing including InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and more.

So, who’s speaking?

Russell Viers – One of the number one transition experts in the publishing world – for all things digital, he’ll teach your team to increase productivity and improve quality.  InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and more…

Ryan Dohrn – how to sell traditional media to print haters…making the case for local newspaper advertising…20 new revenue ideas in 20 minutes…acquiring and retaining good salespeople…creating a 360 sales culture

Renee Tacka – moving from a mass marketing focus to navigating a chaotic, deeply fragmented, highly targeted communications environment…developing sales strategies…customer analysis…coaching, motivating and growing sales teams

Al Getler – untapped revenue sources

Kathleen Searles – paying more attention to attention – traffic is NOT proof of attention – exposure does not equal attention – page views do NOT equate to value for the advertiser.  What happens is what matters – delivering results for the advertiser is the most important metric

Jeff Butler – millennial expert – how to engage, retain and recruit

Kristen Frey/Greg Heiman – making money from email marketing

Jon Miosky – prospecting tips to drive sales – carving out your clients’ niches

Mario Garcia, Sr. – foremost newspaper design expert – Two tempos:  Rhythms for storytelling in the digital age – design thinking and the user experience – editorial design and digital strategies

Maria Salazar Ferro – toolkit for protecting journalist

Kevin Benz – newsroom system analysis – ethics and diversity – newsroom leadership

Mike Reilley – verifying the information you find online – mobile and desktop reporting tools

Francisco Vara-Orta – backgrounding like a boss

Scott Libin – writing ethically and inclusively

Dave Cuillier – becoming a data sleuth

Seamus Hughes – accessing and analyzing court records

Tom Sullivan – photo copyright

The Solutions Journalism Network

Summer Moore – keeping subscribers happy

Tim Schmitt – growing audience

B A Snyder – boost your rank and impact with social media

Jeff Kohl – PCI compliance to avoid credit card fraud issues

Colleen Shields – using Quick Books for newspapers

Reg Harnish – cybersecurity

Ron Speechley – increase your obituary revenue

Claudia Prat – video for beginners – VR/360 technology

Annie Rudd – credibility of news images

John Kirtley – video storytelling – commitment beyond the newsroom

Shoshanah Bewlay – FOIL and Open Government

Christopher Wink – journalism as a business strategy

Libel hotline attorneys – case studies

Doug Rea – sexual harassment training

Judy Patrick – editors’ roundtable

Cliff Luster and Gavin Menu – publishers’ roundtable

TBA – ad managers’ roundtable

And finally,

Ken Paulson – keynote speaker, Director of Free Speech at Middle Tennessee University, former president of the Newseum and President of the Freedom Forum’s First Amendment Center.


The right time to re-focus your company and to re-energize your staff is now. 

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But that’s not all –

We’ll have a huge trade show with vendors featuring the latest and greatest technology tools, commercial printers, platforms, designers and more!

Plus, networking opportunities galore and of course our famous and fabulous Friday night Fourth Estate Gala featuring the best food, drink and entertainment ever! (Ask your colleagues – that’s not an exaggeration)

Join us March 27th and 28th at the Gideon Putnam Hotel and Conference Center in spectacular Saratoga Springs, NY for the best newspaper conference in the country.  Hotel and conference registration forms available at

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