The only cards you'll ever see are Jack, Queen, King, Ace and Joker (so you aren't really playing with a full deck here... heh...). Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Guide (Nintendo DS), Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Walkthrough guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You.

Yes, you can kill the plants for souls, but the Farmer soul is rather hard to get. It will take a little while, but once you got it touch the door and it will open up. Their soul is really hard to get, but this is one of the best spots to farm for it. Fun. Remember this item as it is needed later.

Nice. I thought about making this last little part a separate section, but... it's just too short. Now, to the upper left room. The hand will slowly creep towards and grab you, damaging you in several large chunks. It's use is tied to money-making, which is handy later in the game. Namely the Skeleton Farmer and the Yorick (along with a Catoblepas).

Secrets—lots of secrets. Again, beware of the mandragora!

So unless you are as crazy as Bkstunt, then go ahead and skip this and come back for it at another time.
Another formation to watch for is Bat Company's hand form.

I remember killing over 1000 of them back in highschool and never got its soul haha. This makes it a good place to farm for them. (skip section) Spoilers end here . It was then that I realized that I, Soma Cruz, …
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