“Virtually Better by Association”

If you  missed last Friday’s webinars, you can click on the links below to view them.


Copyright Laws as they apply to the use of photos
Tom Sullivan


 Do you need permission to use photos from social media?   Are the laws
different for publishing photos in print or online?   How can you avoid being
sued by “copyright trolls”? What is fair use?

New publishers across the country are running afoul of copyright laws
and are facing fines and lawsuits.   Learn how to protect your company from
time consuming, expensive legal wrangling.


Thomas B. Sullivan represents media clients in defamation, invasion of privacy, access,
intellectual property, and other content-related matters, and has
represented a variety of clients in a wide range of civil and criminal matters.

Thomas previously was with the highly regarded First Amendment boutique
law firm Levine Sullivan Koch & Schulz, which merged with Ballard Spahr
in October 2017.


Editors’ Roundtable  

Judy Patrick


Join NYPA’s vice president for editorial development, Judy Patrick,
for this ever-popular, always engaging roundtable discussion.   Got questions?   Need ideas?   Have a problem?   It’s likely that one or more of your colleagues
has faced a similar situation.   Also likely that you know something that can
help someone else, so please join us – we look forward to talking with you.


Judy Patrick is vice president for editorial development for the New York Press Association. Before her tenure at NYPA, was editor of the Schenectady-based
Daily Gazette, where she worked for 37 years. She lives in Washington County,
New York, and is an avid hiker.



Who is winning the revenue war, and why?                       

 Peter Lamb


In this session,   you’ll learn who is winning the revenue war and why
by relating best practices from sales reps around the world, with the
challenging COVID-19 times in mind. These are some of the questions
and topics we will explore:

  • What do your Customers really want from you?
  •  What should you be saying to your Customer?
  •  Questions to challenge and provoke your CUSTOMER
  •  The Methodology of the 12-minute presentation.
  •  Profile of a GREAT Sales rep…  how do you measure up?


Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Peter Lamb is a strategy consultant, now
living in Miami, Florida, specializing in media companies. “The goal of my
consulting practice is to utilize the sophisticated strategic marketing principles
and techniques, learned while doing my MBA at Harvard Business School,
meshing them with a hands-on sales approach, to generate new revenue streams
for publications and websites. ROI is achieved by focusing on NEW-NEW
revenue …  from customers that have never used our products before:
print or online.”



Libel and defamation                             

Rick Weber



Rick will introduce some hypothetical situations based on actual
defamation cases that were presented to NYPA’s libel hotline.   Participants
will work together to find solutions to publish safely and learn to avoid
potential defamation liability.


Rick Weber is a member of Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC, a Syracuse-based
law firm that represents NYPA’s libel hotline.   A member of the firm’s Media
and Communications Law Practice Grou, Rick frequently counsels newspaper publishers and editors regarding potential defamation liability.   He is a graduate
of SUNY-Buffalo and William & Mary Law School.



How to grow audience and revenue derived from audience 

Lon Haenel


Part I — European countries such as Norway, Germany and France have
found ways to use new technologies including AI and personalization to
help reaffirm the value of journalism as an important factor for a healthy
society. Join this session for a focused look at what American news media
can learn from Europe.

  Part II — Subscriptions: a how-to session for publishers looking to win
with reader revenue

In this session, we will explore current trends in acquiring new subscribers,
what is working well and what isn’t.  You’ll walk away with at least 3 good
ideas you can implement to grow
audience at your newspaper!


Lon Haenel is the founder and president of Local News ROI, a news media
marketing firm in Wisconsin. The firm specializes in acquisition and retention marketing for print and digital-only subscriptions. Haenel is a former newspaper executive who was named Digital Innovator of the Year in 2014 by the Local
Media Association. Haenel brings 23 years of experience while serving in
consumer revenue leadership roles in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Ohio. The key to
driving meaningful growth is to re-establish strong customer relationships.
Haenel earned a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and lives in Janesville, Wisconsin with his wife Sarah and daughter McKenna.