Positioning newspapers for relevance in a digitally focused world


Join your colleagues in historic Saratoga Springs September 20th and 21st for NYPA’s annual fall publishers’ conference.

The conference theme is Relevance Reclaimed – newspapers no longer matter in the same powerful way we once did – we have lost our unique roles and relevance in the marketplace.


So, what to do?

The ubiquity of digital media has given print media a strange new power.  Content matters, and content marketing matters more.

The experts we’ve assembled for the fall publishers’ conference will share strategies, best practices, messaging, and collaborating to help you maximize your resources, motivate your employees and increase market demand for your newspaper.


Highlights include:

Rebecca Frank, News Media Alliance – News Advertising Panorama

Rebecca will share the results of a research project highlighting the benefits and powerful advantages of advertising in print and digital news media.

The 78-page report includes compelling research and statistics from a wide range of sources, including Nielsen Scarborough, ComScore, Kantar Media and more, painting a comprehensive picture of the value of the newspaper audience.

Andrew Davis, The Future of Digital is Print

Information overload -it’s impossible for people to read even a fraction of what they’re interested in.  Newspapers need to help consumers to select the right information source.

Newspapers have long maintained that “its about the content,” but Davis contends that its critical to do a better job marketing the content.  Newspapers need to develop a content brand instead of producing branded content.

A content brand puts the user first.

Erica Smith, The Trust Project

Trust in the media is at an all-time low and it’s up to us to restore that trust.

Transparency matters.  The newspaper industry needs to work together, diligently, to affirm and amplify journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy, inclusion and fairness to re-engage our citizens.

Tim Sullivan, Ballard Spahr – Photography and copyright law

If you’re not careful, photography copyright laws can end up costing your newspaper thousands of dollars.  Just because an image appears in a Google search doesn’t mean you can use it.  Likewise, the printed photograph the local restaurant owner provides of the band that is playing there this weekend.  Or the image your reporter downloaded from Facebook.

In this session we’ll help you avoid breaching copyright law.

Sumi Aggarwal, Reveal Local Labs – A toolkit for collaboration

Find out what Reveal Local Labs is doing to foster local investigative reporting collaborations, to build partnerships and advance community-focused, in-depth investigative storytelling.

Reg Harnish, EVP Center for Internet Security

Best practices for small businesses to protect their systems and data from pervasive attacks.  Safeguard your company and your data.

Dan Kennedy, Media Nation, “Beat the Press,” and Assoc. Professor Northeastern University School of Journalism

“The Return of the Moguls” chronicles a story in the making – is a return to old-style individual ownership sparking a renaissance for the newspaper industry?

Bill McKendree, the Clarion Group – A powerful approach to accelerating growth

Classic strategic planning sessions are increasingly irrelevant.  In this session we’ll talk about a rapid cycle strategy that helps you focus on the few, right levers for growth.  The strategy recognizes the shift in power to the consumer, and the transformation required due to continually evolving technology.  It is a disciplined approach to organizational clarity, to ensure a clear line of sight.

Judy Patrick and Michelle Rea – The Relevance Project

In this session we’ll introduce our plan for the rollout of the Relevance Project, in the newsroom, the ad department and the marketing department.

Steve McKenna, Dan’s Papers – Event revenue

Steve and his team have taken events to all new heights.  Hear what they’re doing, how they do it and how much revenue events generate for Dan’s Papers.

Gannett and Intersect Media Solutions

Will present an overview of their digital media offerings including SEO, SEM, branded content, newsletters, video and more.

Publishers’ Roundtable – a fan favorite!

Fun, food, fellowship

We promise great food and lots of networking opportunities.  You don’t want to miss this!

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