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If Public Notices are Important to You, Please Use Our New Public Notice Website


Protecting the print publication requirements of public notices is of paramount importance to NYPA.  As part of that effort, NYPA partnered with NYNPA and the New York Law Journal to build a new statewide website – – as a central online database for all New York public notices. This website is managed and controlled by NYPA.

New York’s newspapers must present a united front to protect the publication requirements and readership of public notices.  It is imperative that newspapers remain the primary providers of this vital government information.  Please support this effort by uploading all of your public notices as they are published in your newspapers.  This is a pre-emptive measure to counter legislative efforts to move public notices to government-controlled websites.

This is a completely new website with enhanced search capabilities.  Jill Van Dusen at NYPA will work with your staff to address any technology issues you may encounter with the upload process.  Please contact Jill by phone (518-464-648) or email to arrange for staff training.

In addition, we have designed an icon to identify public notices in your print product, and online, as a way to draw attention to public notices.  The icon can be downloaded from NYPA’s website.


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