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Power Prospecting: Get to the Point!

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By Courtney Stone

The decision maker you are trying to pin down is crazy busy. All of them are. Not just the CMO of a large corporation, but also the SMB owner who handles everything herself.  This  is what you need to keep in mind when you’re prospecting. Tweak your messages and approach to fit the time-starved needs of prospects today.

Sirius Decisions finds that it takes 8-10 attempts to reach a prospect. But the average salesperson only makes TWO attempts! Just keep trying! And remember, it’s not that your prospect is not interested when they don’t call you back. It’s just that they are “crazy busy” and have moved on to the next fire they have to put out.

“You have to commit to reaching out at least EIGHT times,” Konrath instructed. “You should do this 2-3 times per week.” One time, make a phone call. The next time, send an email. Next week, reach out on LinkedIn. Try sending them a text message if you have their cell.

Konrath believes you don’t even have to say what medium you represent! Don’t bother throwing out the name of your company because it simply stands in your way of better dialogue. Try leaving a voicemail message that sounds like this:

“Hi Paige. This is Courtney Stone. If you’re like most SMBs, your use of digital advertising is growing. That’s why I thought you might be interested in how I’ve helped similar SMBs drive store traffic and increase revenue by 2.3%. Watch for an email from me with suggested dates and times for us to talk. Again, this is Courtney Stone at 614-794-0500.”

Your message should only last 20-25 seconds. It’s tough, but you can do it. Really trim down all the extraneous details that you think you need. Why?

“Because crazy busy decision makers only listen to the first 5-7 seconds of a voicemail,” Konrath revealed.

Think about how many phone calls SMB owners get each day. Think about how many voicemails a media buyer gets just when she leaves her office for lunch. These people don’t have time to listen to every single message, nor the entire message. So get to the point!


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