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NYPA Fall Convention


September 19th & 20th

Danford Hotel & Marina
Port Jefferson, NY

Here is just a small sampling of the outstanding speakers who will lead the conversations at NYPA’s newly expanded fall convention which features a special one-day rate for Friday for editors and ad managers (Only $119!)  In addition to the speakers profiled below there are additional advertising and editorial sessions which will be detailed in full in the convention brochure which will be released August 1st.  Don’t miss this fabulous program in a beautiful ocean front setting in Port Jefferson, Long Island.

To register for the convention and to see the full list of speakers, click here.


Penny Muse Abernathy

Saving Community Journalism: An Entrepreneur’s Guide
How can our newspapers and news organizations reinvent their business models so they can survive and thrive in the digital age?  Penny Muse Abernathy, a UNC professor and former media executive, will share the results of a five-year research project involving more than a dozen newspapers from across the country, ranging from small weeklies in rural and urban communities to dailies in small and mid-sized markets.  Drawing on the insights and experiences of these publishers and editors, she’ll discuss how you can develop a strategy to counter the disruption and then implement it.  Her recent, well-received book, Saving Community Journalism: The Path to Profitability, and the accompanying free instructional website,, explore the risks and opportunities newspapers face as they attempt to re-imagine the future.


Nitesh Chawla

Analyzing and Mining Big Data
Newspapers have access to more data than ever before but knowing how to manage and mine the data, knowing the right questions to ask of the data, and knowing how to leverage the information gleaned from the data is critical.  The more your strategies are informed by data, the better positioned you are to increase readership, increase engagement, and increase revenue.

Steve Buttry

Engage Your Community
Tips for leading and joining the community conversation using social media, live chats, contests, curation and other engagement techniques.

Managing Your Changing Workload
Editors face a dizzying array of new tasks and constant deadlines as they manage reporters’ work for multiple platforms.  In this workshop you will receive advice for managing staff, your work and your time in today’s rapidly changing newsroom.  We’ll discuss how to set priorities, rather than just adding tasks to an already heavy load.  You’ll learn how to cover news live for digital platforms and how to repurpose it for quality print coverage.  r digital platforms and still provide a dizzying array of new tasks and constant deadlines as they manage reporters’ work for multiple you will receive advice for managing your staff, your work and your time in today’s rapidly changing newsroom. We’ll discuss how to set priorities, rather than just adding.


Steve Wagenlander

10 Audience Development and Circulation Metrics for Audience and Revenue Growth
Today’s modern Audience Development / Circulation department finds itself embracing the new digital world while, in part, still relying on  traditional measurements to define success. During this highly collaborative session, one of the industry’s most respected experts in circulation and audience growth reviews 10 crucial metrics – and how you can put them to use immediately to grow audience and revenue.  Areas to addressed include home delivery volume, email addresses, revenue per copy and retention.

Membership Conversion:  The Post and Courier One Year Story
During this  interactive session, Steve Wagenlander will lead attendees through his newspaper’s journey as they converted from a subscriber based distribution model to a full  audience engagement membership model.  The program will highlight the following:

  • Choosing a vendor to implement a meter
  • Where to set the meter and why
  • Strategic circulation pricing – both print and digital
  • Incremental vs bundle digital circulation
  • Audience engagement techniques and metrics
  • Member loyalty programs
  • Marketing
  • Complete statistical review


Jacqui Banaszynski

STORY BLUEPRINTS: Building the foundations of creativity
Where to start? What to put where? How to nail that ending? And how to make it all flow on deadline? Story structure vexes even the most experienced writers. Add to that the pressure of fast-breaking news, relentless deadlines, limited space, complex information and an insatiable website.

But there are some common blueprints that can lead writers through the thicket of notes to build sound, elegant stories. Those blueprints provide a safe, reliable structure on which voice and creativity can stand. And they give editors a framework to help coach complicated stories.


INTERVIEW ESSENTIALS; Turning sources and subjects into storytellers
Many stories fail before a writer touches the keyboard. They suffer from the question not asked, the detail not gathered, the description not noticed.

The interview is the journalist’s primary tool – how we gain information, ensure accuracy, hold people accountable, archive history, reflect community and gather stories.  We will explore the core purposes, techniques and ethics of the interview process that apply to any genre of journalism.  Special attention will be given to interviews that produce not just information, but true stories rich with sparkling quotes, scenes, character and detail.


Jonah Goodhart

Welcome to the new world of Attention Metrics – brand-focused signals that go beyond clicks and surveys to show the value of your inventory. The session will explore the impact to publishers of the recent MRC advisory toward transacting on viewable impressions instead of served impression. Find out what you can do about this change. Goodhart will show you how to shift to more meaningful metrics that will help your newspaper increase revenue.



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