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Digital Ad Network FAQ’S

General Questions

Q. How long will it take to setup?

The setup should take no more than 10-15 minutes.


Q. When do I need to complete the set up?

Please prioritize the tag set up so we can start delivering campaigns. We would appreciate having the tags implemented within 48 hours, if possible.


Q. When is the first campaign going live?

First campaigns are already live on the digital network. We expect to have demand as soon as your site is tested.


Q. Can I still run my own ads?

Yes you can still run your own ads. You decide what priority or % of inventory to release to the NYPS Digital Network.

(See step-by-step implementation guide for more info)


Q. How much of my inventory will the NYPS Digital Network fill?

We will aim to fill a high % your inventory and achieve high CPM rates and fill rates.


Q. Will you run a test campaign?

Yes, once you have implemented the tags, and sent back the passback tags, we will begin testing campaigns on your site before we run any live campaigns.


Tag Set Up Questions

Q. I use a different ad-server than DFP, how to I set up the campaign?

 Most ad-servers operate in a similar manner. For example, in DFP:

Create a campaign, create specific line items, traffic the ad-tags provided into the relevant ad-slots.
Generate passback tags and send them to the NYPS team.

We have a step-by-step guide on-hand and/or support team can screen-share and assist in implementing the tags for you


Q. I don’t currently have an ad-server, what should I do?

 Ad-tags can be placed directly onto your site via placements within the html file of your site.

 (See step-by-step implementation guide for more info)


Q. Do I need to set an end date to the campaigns?

No specific end date. Often required by the ad-server, choose a distant date – to ensure the inventory for the site does not turn off un-expectantly during a live campaign.


Q. Do I apply frequency capping?

No. We will apply this for each campaign on our side.


Q. During set up, which ad units in my site ad-server do I choose?

Choose all ad units that match the tag size, e.g. all ad units that link campaigns to 300×250 ad size on your site.

 If there is another ad size we have missed with a high % of your site’s inventory , please let us know.


Q. Do I activate the line item or campaign once the site tags are trafficked?

Yes, and then confirm to the Adforce team that the set are set up and activated.


Q. My order is stuck on Ready or will not go live

 Sometimes new orders take a some time to change to a live state. If the issue doesn’t change after a few hours try pausing an re-starting or deleting and setup up the order again.


Q:  How exactly do we implement the tags within our site page’s HTML <body> source code?

How you go about this will depend on the tools you use to edit your site.


If you use HTML Editor:

Many publishers use a design-enhanced HTML editor like Macromedia Dreamweaver (also know as WYSIWYG or “what you see is what you get” software). To ensure your ads work properly, make sure you paste the ad code into the HTML source code of your page using the editor’s HTML view or HTML insert function. You might see errors if you paste your ad code into a WYSIWYG view such as a “Design” view. Once you’ve pasted your code, check for any additional tags inserted by the software or changes in the line breaks, as they might cause your ads not to show correctly.

If you use a Content Management System: 

Many website publishers use a content management system such as “Drupal”, “WordPress” “Blogger” or another CMS software – please check with the CMS platforms’ ad code instructions as each CMS provider may have a unique way of ad code placement.

Common Issues often experienced with ad code implementation:

Ads might not appear on your site if you find any of the following issues with your ad code:

  • Your ad code does not appear in its entirety, for example, there’s a missing <script>or <ins>
  • Your ad code displays all on one line.
  • Your ad code has extra HTML tags within it.

If you need further assistance with implementing ad code into the design of your pages, we suggest trying the following Google search terms to assist with ad tag set up using HTML:

If you’re currently using WYSIWYG software or any other HTML editing software, we suggest referencing your software manual or contacting the product’s technical support team for assistance.


Passback tag Questions

Q. How do I generate pass-back tags?

Example: In DFP, select Inventory > Generate Tags(left column) >Select the ad-units >Select Tag Option : Create passback tag > Send to NYPS team.

 (See step-by-step implementation guide)


Q. Why do I need to send passback tags?

Passback Tags allow us implement the waterfall model. When the new NYPS digital network ad-server does not have an ad to serve, the passback tag is called and the request is passed back to your main ad-server to serve a remnant or house ad.


Q. I cannot generate passback tags?

Contact Adforce for support. In the meantime we can set up a house ad to fill unsold impressions


Reporting and Rates Questions

Q. Will I have control of campaigns running on my site?

Yes, you can approve campaigns before going live, if requested.


Q. Will I receive an IO order?

You will receive monthly reporting to show campaigns that delivered across your site.


Q. Will I be informed before the first campaign runs on my site?