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More than Half of Holiday Parade Attendees Shop at Local Stores on Small Business Saturday


More than Half of Holiday Parade Attendees Shop at Local Stores on Small Business Saturday

Many people love holiday parades. In a recent survey of more than 12,000 U.S. adults, nearly 30% said they had attended a holiday parade in the past year.

Will there be a holiday parade in your local market this year? Perhaps your newspaper plans to provide coverage in the form of a news feature or holiday section.

As the season quickly approaches, now is a good time to talk to advertisers looking to target consumers who attend holiday parades. If your ad sales staff is familiar with AdMall (access is provided free to NYPA members) you have access to the Audience Intelligence Report, “Holiday Parade Attendees.” Find this report and share the highlights with your prospects and clients.

For example, did you know that 67.5% of these consumers have children at home? That represents a lucrative audience for advertisers who target families. Other highlights from the report:

•                  61% of Holiday Parade Attendees are female.

•                  Of those in this audience who have children, 25.2% have children ages 5-9

•                  64.3% of Holiday Parade Attendees went shopping in a store on Black Friday last year

•                  52.1% of this audience shopped at a locally-owned business on Small Business Saturday last year

•                  If price and product are the same, 68.1% of Holiday Parade Attendees would prefer to buy from a locally-owned business

Connect the right advertisers with this audience.

If you’re looking for advertisers who want to reach Holiday Parade Attendees, here are a few suggestions:

Local zoos, aquariums or science centers

Indoor water parks

Toy stores

Local parks and/or rec centers

Any local retail store

Family restaurants

You get the idea! You can help your advertisers plan their ad campaigns now so they’ll be front and center when this audience is ready to spend money this season. If your ad sales staff isn’t using AdMall, call NYPA today to secure login and password information and to learn about free training webinars.

— Reprinted from AdMall


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