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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is available to all NYPA members through a group policy at the State Insurance Fund – Newspaper Publishers Safety Group #167.
The safety group offers a 15-20% advance discount to NYPA members. Contingent balance monies accrue interest. In recent years, the safety group has declared a year-end distribution of 25-30%.

To participate in the safety group, NYPA members should contact Carol Zalewski at NYPA at 518-464-6483 or via email at

Disability Insurance

Statutory disability insurance is available to NYPA member newspapers at a discounted rate. To participate in the disability insurance program, contact Scott Lavigne at NYPA 518-464-6483 or via email at


Libel Insurance

The NYPA preferred provider for libel insurance is Insurance Specialty Services, Inc. ISSI extends a discount on libel insurance to NYPA member newspapers that are registered to use NYPA’s free libel hotline.

Insurance Specialty Services, Inc.
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New Britain, PA 18901
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