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The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation project “Faces Never Forgotten” needs help obtaining missing photos of Vietnam veterans from New York. These photos will help complete an electronic “Wall of Faces” in the new education center at the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation is working to locate  photos of all 58,286 soldiers listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall in Washington D.C. They are building a new Education Center at the Wall right near the existing memorial wall on the National Mall. Construction for the facility is planned to start in 2016 and be completed for a grand opening in 2019.

The new building will include an electronic “Wall of Faces” corresponding to the names on the wall. So far, the VVMF has collected 34,000 of the photos and still needs to find approximately 24,000 photos of soldiers listed on the wall. More information about this project can be found at

NYPA is partnering with newspaper association managers and newspapers across the country in an effort to help the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation find photos of Vietnam Veterans from their readership area.   We know that publicizing this effort in newspapers across the country is the most effective and efficient way to collect these photos.

Here is what we are asking all newspapers to do:

1. Go to:

2. Click Advanced Search, to the right of the search box

3. Input a city, county, or state name based on your desired search

4. Scroll to the last box and check: Does Not Have a Default Photo

5. Hit Submit

NYPA will create an in-paper promotion ad which we will distribute to newspapers later this week.  We are hoping that newspapers will run the list of names of those soldiers from their coverage area whose photos are missing.  Please ask your readers to send photos of these soldiers to NYPA, and NYPA will in turn send the photos to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Foundation (if you prefer to have the photos sent to your newspaper, and then you can forward them to NYPA, that will work too).  Please send photos to

Click here to download a color ad to run in your newspaper.

Click here to download a b&w ad to run in your newspaper.


You can View the gallery in progress at There are effective and moving tributes to fallen soldiers from your area.

Will you please help us locate a photo of each soldier?

We hope that as a lead up to Memorial Day Weekend, every newspaper association and newspaper in the United States will join in the effort in finding the missing photos of the heroes listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall.

We hope to get the photos to VVMF by November 11, 2014 or Veteran’s Day. This will be a terrific way to promote the power of newspapers, and it is the very least we can do to honor these American soldiers.

We will be grateful for any support you can provide.


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