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Government Affairs

Government Affairs

NYPA monitors legislation which affects New York’s community newspaper industry. NYPA subscribes to an online legislative monitoring service, enabling the government affairs committee to track bills and prepare memorandums and briefs for various legislative committees. NYPA monitors pending legislation that may affect newspapers enabling publishers to remain informed about legislative items critical to the newspaper industry.

NYPA works closely with the National Newspaper Association and the Newspaper Association of America on Federal issues, such as postal rates. NYPA assists newspapers with open government issues, freedom of information requests, fair trial/free press issues, and legal notice publication requirements.

For more information on Freedom of Information Law or Open Government laws, visit the New York State Committee on Open Government Web site at:

To request a copy of NYPA’s book, “NYS Laws Affecting Newspapers”, , please contact Maria DeCann at 518-464-6483.

The U.S. Postal Service site contains complete information on United States Postal Service postage rates and mail classifications and more. Click here for more information.