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Classified Ad Network

The Classified Advertising Network (for NYPA newspapers)

NYPA members are encouraged to participate in the statewide classified newspaper advertising Network. The Advertising Network clusters newspapers by region to create a classified line advertising network and a small display ad network which includes 2 x 2 and 2 x 4 display ads.

Network rates are deeply discounted to provide a great value for advertisers and a competitive sales advantage to participating newspapers.

Newspapers participating in the statewide classified advertising network earn 60% commission on every ad sold by the newspaper, and earn an annual distribution for running all of the ads sold into the network.

Participating newspapers can generate new revenue streams by “upselling” advertisers into the regional, statewide or national newspaper networks, which provide print and online advertising exposure for newspaper line or 2 X 2 or 2 x 4  ads. No additional staff, training or equipment is necessary.

Benefits of participating in the statewide classified network include:

  • The ability to generate new advertising revenue
  • Expansion of your classified advertising section – to help drive readership
  • Greater reach for your customers’ ads
  • An annual dividend based on total sales for the year and individual newspaper’s circulation size

How it works:

To join the Classified advertising network, participating newspapers agree to two things:

1. Sell the ads, which will appear in every participating newspaper in any or all of four regions in the state. Click here for current rates. When you sell an ad, your newspaper keeps 60% of the revenue and sends the remaining 40% to NYPS, along with the ad copy.

2. Run the ads we send each week and, if applicable, place those ads on your newspaper’s website.

For more information about participating in the Statewide Newspaper Advertising Network, please contact Laurel Jacon at 518-464-6483 or via email at