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AP Stylebook has hundreds of new or revised entries

ap stylebookBy Benjamin Mullin

The annual revision of the AP Stylebook, released today, contains more than 300 new or revised entries, the news cooperative announced Wednesday.

We covered some of the changes when they were announced at the annual American Copy Editors Society conference earlier this year. Some notable differences between this year’s edition and last year’s:

  • You can write “BLT” on first reference.
  • The capital of Nepal — which has been in the news frequently lately — is now spelled “Kathmandu.”
  • “Favorite” and “meme” are now in the stylebook.
  • There’s now an entry on suicide.

In addition to those individual style changes, the 2015 edition also contains an 85-page index in the back of the book to help users navigate the manual. The chapter on sports guidance has also been revamped, with updates to baseball, basketball and football, among other sports.

You can purchase the revised stylebook here. For more on what’s new in this year’s edition, check out the AP’s stylebook chat at 2:30 p.m. ET.



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