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About Our Service

NYPS provides the best newspaper advertising planning and placement services available anywhere!

Whether you need mass marketing or target marketing – whether you need to reach a specific demographic group, ethnic market or geographic region, NYPS provides the solutions you need for your in-print and online newspaper advertising needs.   We’re the experts – owned and operated for more than 160 years, by the newspapers we represent – so there’s never a charge for our services.

NYPS delivers the audience you needed to get results for you and your clients. NYPA’s comprehensive database of newspapers includes 518 weekly community newspapers, 59 daily newspapers, and 145 culturally-specific newspapers. Weekly newspaper circulation is 7.5M; daily circulation is 4.8M, and culturally-specific newspaper circulation is 4.2M.

NYPS handles all aspects of the newspaper buying process – all at no cost to you:

• Comprehensive newspaper advertising plans with size, cost, color and placement options

• Space reservations and confirmations

• Ad copy distribution

• Electronic invoice and tearsheets sent directly to you!  Place one order; approve one bill; pay with one check!

Nobody knows New York’s newspapers – in print or online – like the experts at New York Press Service.

“I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Dave for a number of years now. Dave is the consummate professional, always providing the highest level of service. He is always willing to help in any way he can and go the extra mile for me. His knowledge and expertise have proven invaluable when working with me on my client’s projects. Dave and his team at NY Press Service are extremely responsive – always taking care of my requests in a timely and efficient manner, and providing a quick turn around. The level of service they provide – researching, negotiating, billing, and follow-up – have made my job so much easier.”

George Sauli, US International Media